TEMU: 100% Cashback for New TEMU Users, 40% Cashback for Existing Users - June 3rd Only

Surfshark VPN: 100% Cashback for New Users - June 3rd to June 9th

A new customer is defined by Surfshark. Simply use a new email address at their end.
All plans (discounted or not, excluding upsold products) are eligible for cashback (2-year, 1-year, monthly). So unless you really need or want the extras, best option (IMHO) is to simply choose one of the Standard plans and not Plus or Complete.
A tip from comments in previous posts is to select a country with no GST to save further at checkout as GST is ineligible for cashback. Pay with a card that does not charge overseas transaction fees.
And finally please remember you have the safety net of Surfshark's 30-day money back guarantee should tracking fail or if you’re not happy with the product.