Star link 1 Month Trial for $1, and no big upfront cost for the gear, seem to work pretty much everywhere in New Zealand, not too sure who this deal is for, seems like a lot of hassle just to get Wi-Fi for one month, but if you're already in the market for Starlink, or Starlink like service I guess it's good to try it out, for no real risk.

Deal Should show at the top of the website once loaded.

How does the $1 for 30-Day Trial Work?
Offer only available to new customers in Australia and New Zealand with Standard service plan.

Try Starlink for $1 upfront for 30 days before paying the full hardware cost. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel and return Starlink. This includes a full refund for your first month of service.

How does it work?

Upon checkout, you will be charged $1 for the Starlink hardware cost.
Service cost still applies, and will be charged upon activation.
Activation is when you power on and connect your Starlink for the first time or 30 days post-shipment; whichever happens first.
You will be charged 30 days from activation for the remaining cost of the Starlink hardware.
Cancellation and Refund:

You can cancel and return for a full refund within 30 days from activation.
After initiating the return, you will receive automatically by email a prepaid return label and instructions on how to return the Starlink kit.
Full refund includes the $1 hardware charge plus the first month of service charge. Shipping cost not included.

Legal Stuff:

Free shipping. Ships in 1-2 weeks. No contracts. Monthly service starts at $79/mo.

Select "Standard (Trial)" to pay $1 only and defer full purchase of the Starlink kit until the end of your 30 day trial.

The remaining balance of $598 will be automatically charged 30 days after activation unless you cancel service and initiate the return of the undamaged kit.

You may cancel your Starlink service at any time during the trial. If cancelled, you will receive a full refund for your first month of service and for the $1 charge. You will have 30 days from the date you cancel to return your Starlink kit, otherwise you will be charged the full price of the kit. Starlink provides a pre-paid return label for the kit.

Users who purchase the "Standard (Trial)" package cannot change their service plan from the Standard plan during the 30-day trial period.

Mounts can be purchased for full price at order or towards the end of your trial, and are not eligible for refunds.

Upon activation, your first statement (invoice) will appear in your account and the payment method on file will be automatically charged. If your Starlink is not activated within 30 days post-shipment, your Starlink will be automatically activated.

This offer is only eligible for new Starlink customers.