Samsung has Easter sale on its A series and the A35 and A55 recently launched.

PB-Tech with discount applied code "GALAXY2024"

  • A55 $648.99 ($150 off)

  • A35 $548.98 ($100 off)

  • A25 $468.99 ($80 off)

  • A15 $348.98 ($50 off)

PB-tech does also offer 'freebies' but you don't get the discount applied

If you have access to one of Samsung EPP stores you can get a better deal.
A55 $639.20 + bonus 25w Charger and a Clear case.
A35 $519.20 + bonus 25w Charger and a Clear case.
A25 $439.20 + bonus 25w Charger
A15 $319.20 + bonus 25w Charger

You can get a bonus 10% if you have a samsung members code or first purchase

I picked up the A55 for $575.28 from my Samsung EPP, down from $800 RRP
Upgraded from an S10e been using it for a couple of days and I am happy with it.