Promo code is valid for 100% off of one parking session. It is valid for one use only. It is not redeemable or transferable for cash. Discount only applies during the valid period and does not apply for long term products such as, 7 Days and 4 Weeks. Refunds are not available for user error and reimbursement cannot be made against a promo code. Promo code must be selected before clicking ‘Confirm and Start Parking’ for discount to apply. Discount cannot be applied after a prepaid session has been started or a casual session has been stopped.  Available at most Wilson Parking car parks available on ParkMate. Exclusions above. It is the responsibility of the user to select the promo code before starting parking. ParkMate is not liable to refund parking sessions started at car parks not included in the promotion. It is your responsibility to read the Terms and Conditions and Exclusions before using the promo code. Promo code must be selected on your parking session for the discount to apply. Expires midnight 31st December 2024.