General items:
  • This promotion is available to casual sellers only (not in-trade).

  • Discount applies to success fees only, any other applicable listing fees still apply.

  • Relists started on Saturday 17 February 2024 are included, but relists after this date are not. Only applies for the first listing period.

  • Car parts are included, however large machinery listed in the 'Business, farming and industry' category are not (e.g. tractors and trailers).

  • Full terms and conditions

  • This promotion is available to casual sellers only (not RMVT registered, and lists less than 10 vehicles in any 12 months period).

  • Applies to used car and motorbike listings only.

  • Relists after 90 days aren't included. Only applies to used car listings created on Saturday 17 February.

  • Applies only to cars and motorbikes (not other vehicles types, e.g. campervans and boats).

  • This offer is non-transferable.