For the F1 Merc fanboys

You can get a FREE F1 Mercedes Driver Card and it's so easy to claim!

Click the deal button to be taken to the Mercedes store. Confirm NZ as the location, then fill in your details and that's it! You have a choice between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Your card will be sent to you. Just got mine, took about 6 weeks after filling in the details.

Use a throw away email address as they will send you marketing stuff.

By submitting this form, I understand that information (including personal data) entered into this form: (i) will be processed by Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Limited (“MGP”) for purpose of considering and responding to responding to my fan request; (ii) will be held as long as is necessary to achieve this purpose; and (iii) will be shared with the postal service MGP utilises to deliver printed driver cards to fans. For more information about how MGP processes your personal data please see Privacy Policy for more.