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Bonus free books for a limited time.

If some of the books are too hard, you can store or read the books to your child.
If some are too easy, you can always give some away.

In this pack, you will receive books in the 5-12 year old reading levels including:

  • 5 books in at our Silver level (5-5.5 years old)

  • 5 books in at our Green level (9-10 years old)

  • 5 books in at our Blue level (10-11 years old)

  • 5 books in at our Violet level (11-12 years old)

  • 3 bilingual early te reo Maori/English

  • 1 more “lucky dip” book (at a random 5-12 year reading level – please don’t ask for a specific reading age for this)

    All book titles will be different, all with exciting topics and interesting photos/illustrations. 

While you’re at it, you may consider adding this amazing Sample Pack – which provides incredible value and some really cool digital books.


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Another Bonus OfferAs an extra, we would also like to offer you a very special 25% off our entire range (except the Sample Kit).
– You can either use it today (and, if having delivered, combine freight with your giveaway) or, use it for at least a month in the future – after you check out how amazing our books and resources really are!
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