*Update 14/05/2024

Some users are relating this trick is not working anymore, Temu has upgraded its shopping cart features to reduce waste by not shipping orders below a minimum amount. The message below is being showed when the users ask to remove in the chat:

"We're pleased to announce that we've upgraded our shopping cart features to provide a better shopping experience. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we're reducing waste by no longer shipping orders below a certain minimum. Please help us in our efforts by adding more items to your cart to meet the requirement and support eco-friendly shopping at Temu." I got this response

One workaround is to add an extra item to the order to make it over the minimum amount, pay for the order, and then cancel the extra item for a refund.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to make a small purchase on Temu but feeling restricted by the minimum spend requirement? You're not alone! Recently, a simple and effective trick that lets you make purchases without meeting the usual minimum spend.

Here’s how you can bypass the minimum spending requirement on Temu:

  • Start a Bot chat conversation: Initiate a chat with the Temu chatbot from the top menu bar:

  • Just type this: “remove minimum purchase amount” into the chat.

  • Click on No, I still want to remove the order limit

  • Click on Remove the restriction

  • Done

To demonstrate how this process works, below is a screenshot of my chat with the Temu bot. Notice how the chatbot responds to the command and provides a confirmation option.

Enjoy shopping :)