What is the First Table?

First Table provides diners with a 50% discount on their food bill at partner restaurants, for a nominal fee of $10 per sitting.

You can dine with one, two or three other people, but you must show up at the reserved time (usually 5pm or 6:30pm, or 12pm for lunch). 

How does First Table work?

Participating restaurants list their first tables for breakfast, lunch or dinner – showing seven days of availability first table website. To secure a table: find a restaurant, select your date and time and book a First Table for $10 to get 50% off the food bill for groups of two to four.

Note: Bargain Finder NZ is not affiliated with First Table. This guide is created to inform New Zealanders on how to use First Table and help New Zealanders to save 50% on food orders at restaurants. 

Maximizing Your First Table Experience:

First Table offers a unique dining experience, but it's important to follow some basic guidelines to make the most of it. Here's a simple breakdown:

  • Arrive Together and On Time: When you book a table for a specific number of people, make sure that's exactly how many show up. For example, if you book for four, you can't bring an extra person. Also, if your booking is for two, both diners need to arrive together. First Table doesn't allow for holding tables for latecomers.

  • Check for Menu Exceptions and Drink Policies: While most restaurants offer their entire menu, a few might exclude certain high-end items. Additionally, some places might ask you to order a drink, but it doesn't have to be alcoholic. There are always budget-friendly options available. You'll find these details in your booking confirmation or you can ask the restaurant staff.

  • Order What You Can Eat (No Takeaways): Remember, First Table isn't for ordering more than you can eat to take leftovers home. While some restaurants might be flexible, generally, taking food home isn't the norm. It's better to order just enough and add more if needed.

  • Tipping and Drinks: Your Choice: At First Table, tipping is not required, and you don't have to order a drink unless it's specified. However, if you wish to do either, you're certainly welcome to.

  • Explore a Wide Range of Restaurants: With over 250 restaurants in Queenstown, Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, there's a lot to choose from. You'll find a variety of cuisines and famous restaurant names. Don't hesitate to try something new!

  • Know the Best Time to Book: First Table updates its availability just after 9pm every night for the following week. So, if you're planning for next Wednesday, check the options on Thursday at 9pm. While some popular places get booked quickly, there's usually a good selection available in various cities.

First Table - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Regular Table?

Missed the first table? Regular Table lets you book at standard prices with no additional fees.

Benefits for Restaurants

Restaurants gain from increased off-peak patronage with no additional cost for being on the platform.

They  bring people together to enjoy new dining experiences and support restaurateurs by filling their off-peak tables.

The restaurant partner restaurants pay nothing to be on the platform.

Are both food and drinks half price?

When booking a First Table, it's essential to note that the half-price deal applies strictly to food. While this allows diners to enjoy a variety of dishes at a reduced cost, it's important to remember that drinks are charged at full price. 

What happens if I’m late?

No shows and late cancellations can be costly to any venue's business.

The First Table offer is only available for the date and time you’ve booked. If you’re more than 15 minutes late, the deal is off. This condition is there to ensure we’re creating a win-win environment where both diners AND restaurants enjoy clear benefits.

For Regular Table bookings, they ask diners to give both First Table and the venue they have reserved at least 24 hours notice of any reservation cancellations or amendments.

Is there a minimum spend on First Table?

You can spend as much or as little as you like – your food bill will be discounted by 50% at the end of the meal.

What is Last Table?

We all know that the early bird gets the dinner deal, but now the night owl can score a late-night bite at select restaurants across New Zealand.

Book a Last Table on our website and get 50% off the last table of the night. Dine at new and exciting eateries until late in the evening on the same deal as First Table; half-price food (drinks are full price) for two, three or four people.

How does Last Table work?

The partner restaurants offering this feature list their last tables for dinner – showing seven days of availability.

You can find restaurants serving late-night bites by heading to the city page and selecting the Last Table search filter. Alternatively, look for First Table and Last Table options under a restaurant’s dinner availability to score your late-night seat.

This feature is new and only available in select cities, but we hope to roll it out across New Zealand soon.

Account Creation and Booking Management

You can sign up for a free First Table account at www.firsttable.co.nz using a Facebook login or email address.

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